Car Lock Maintenance Tips

The locks on your car doors are pivotal to preventing car theft and burglary. If you want them to do their job properly for as long as possible, you have to take care of them. The chances of your lock getting jammed or rusty increase over time as the collect debris and dust. However, with just a bit of maintenance every now and again, you can ensure your locks are functioning as they should.  Here are our 3 car lock maintenance tips: 

Clean Your Locks

Lock cleaning is both vital to having working locks, and very simple. All you need is a damp piece of fabric and a slender object (such as a screwdriver) to reach into the narrow parts of the lock. Wrap the fabric around the screwdriver and start cleaning your lock. This will remove the debris and dust. In order to clean the keyhole, insert the screwdriver and move it around carefully – be careful not to force it! 

Lubricate Your Locks

Another important step in lock maintenance is lubrication. However, before you lubricate your locks, you need to make sure they’re clean first. Otherwise the oily lubricant may mix with debris and dust to form a gunk and jam your lock. When lubricating your locks, always make sure you use a graphite spray lubricant. Locks that are properly lubricated will work longer and better and be more resistant to dirt build up.

Change Your Locks

Of course not every piece of hardware can last forever. If you’ve damaged your car door locks, you’ll need to get them replaced ASAP. Nothing puts your property at risk of burglary like an unlocked door. 

Locksmith Assistance in Orlando, FL

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