How To Deal With Damaged Locks

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If you have damaged locks at your home or commercial space you need to take care of them right away. Your security depends on the functionality and security level of your locks. If they are broken or damaged in any way, this means that your security is at stake. There are a few ways you can restore your peace of mind.


If your locks don’t seem to have any visual damage but still won’t function properly, lubrication may be what they need. There are a few things you need to consider. Never ever use a household oil to the key or cylinder because it attracts dirt and will gum up the lock. Buy lubricant that’s made for lubricating metals. Spray oil into the keyhole and move the key around to spread the lubricant evenly. Cleaning and oiling you lock can fix most of the common lock issues in a matter of minutes.

Fix Your Locks

If the lubrication is not enough, you need to look for damage. Check your locks for missing pieces. Very often the reason behind malfunctioning locks is loose screws. Grab a screwdriver and tighten up each screw. Make sure you don’t use excessive force because it may cause serious damage to your lock. After you’re done, check how does your lock function. If it still gives you trouble, call a locksmith for professional assistance. 

Lock Replacement

If your locks are beyond repair, you need to replace them. Go to a hardware store and choose the type of lock that goes with your requirements. Make sure that your new lock is of high security. After that, you need to remove the old lock to make a room for a new one. Try to be careful so you won’t damage your door. After that, start installing a new lock. Each type of lock has a different installation guideline. If you follow it step by step the results won’t disappoint you. 

Call a Professional Locksmith

Damaged locks are no joke. When you try to fix them by yourself there’s a risk that you damage them even more. So if you are not certain about your locksmith skills, call professionals! Sasi Pro Services can help you with your damaged locks. Affordable prices and high quality - that’s our philosophy! 

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