How To Identify Locksmith Scams

How To Identify Locksmith Scams

Locksmith scams are very common these days, especially in the United States. You google a local locksmith, click the first one in search results, read the description of services that claim to be one of the best ones around the area but when they arrive at your place, you wish you never called. Locksmith scammers tend to overcharge you, claim that the situation was way more severe than expected and do the minimum amount of job. In this day and age, everyone should know how to tell frauds apart from genuine professionals. In this blog post, we’ll tell you about the ways you can identify locksmith scams. avoid locksmith scams, Sasi Pro Services, Orlando

Call Operator Avoids Mentioning A Real Company Name

When you call a locksmith company, they should immediately greet you mentioning the name of the company. However, if they answer with just “Hello, Locksmith” you can take it as a red flag. Scammers avoid mentioning the name for a reason. Usually, call centers are located in different countries and answer phone calls for numerous “locksmith” companies that operate in different states. Therefore, when you call they can’t automatically determine which state are you calling from. 

Getting Transferred Multiple Times 

These locksmith call centers we told you about ned to route your call o a locksmith based on your zip code, so you’ll end up transferred numerous times before they reach the person who is in charge of outsourcing in your area. So if your call get5s transferred more than two times just hang up the phone for your own good. 

Don’t Let Them Overcharge You

Getting as much money from you as possible is the main goal of locksmith scammers. If the locksmith that arrives at your location starts complaining about the complexity of your situation and offers a different more costly service, chances are super high that he is trying to scam you. Remember to always ask for estimated costs when you contact the call center. The locksmith that arrives should stick with the agreed-upon prices. If he refuses to, sent him packing and call another company.  These three paragraphs describe the most common red flags that’ll help you identify the locksmith scams. If you’re looking for a trustworthy locksmith in Orlando, call Sasi Pro Services. Check out our website and give us a call to make sure that we are true professionals! 

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