Ignition Replacement Service in Orlando, FL

Quick Assistance With Your Car’s Ignition Replacement

When drivers in Orlando need an ignition replacement, we encourage them to call Sasi Pro Services! In addition to all the auto locksmith services we offer, we provide ignition replacement and repair services for those moments when you are experiencing trouble with your car ignition.  We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our mobile unit, meaning we can come to YOUR location, wherever you are in Orlando and provide you the assistance you need when you need it. We travel with all the tools and products we need to do the job, and to it well. Our extensive knowledge, training, and experience in the locksmith industry mean that we can replace anybody’s car ignition, no matter what part is at fault. Additionally, we’re a trusted and insured locksmith service provider. Orlando locals love our affordable prices and great customer service!

When Should I Replace My Car’s Ignition?

When a car doesn’t start, one common reaction among drivers is to blame the battery. However, when a car doesn’t start, it’s often because of a faulty ignition. It can be a problem with the ignition switch or the lock cylinder or even the key. In order to understand whether or not the problem lies with the ignition, you can be on the lookout for some common ignition lock problems: Constantly having to fiddle with or jiggle the keys in order to turn the lock Being completely unable to turn the ignition lock Failure of the ignition switch A worn out ignition cylinder When you call Sasi Pro Services we will come to you, so that you don’t have to attempt the dangerous trip to a mechanic with a faulty ignition. Once we get there, we’ll look at your car’s ignition, do an assessment, and let you know what steps to take. Often times, we can repair the ignition. However, if the ignition cylinder is too worn out, we will usually need to replace it entirely.

How Long Does An Ignition Replacement Take?

That depends on the components of the ignition itself. If all the components are ready, it can sometimes take as little as 20 or 30 minutes. The exact amount of time depends on the complexity of the ignition cover and whatever the problem itself is. The most time-consuming part of the replacement process is removing the cover along with all the parts that make it up and then putting it all back together at the end. However, you don’t have to worry about your property. We focus on completing every service with great care and attention to detail. That way, we don’t damage any part of your car ignition.

Ignition Replacement in Orlando. Sasi Pro Services

Why Should I Call Sasi Pro Services?

Great question! As we mentioned above, a common instinct when facing ignition troubles is to blame the battery and take the car to a mechanic. While a good mechanic will be able to ascertain the true nature of your issue, the problem more often than not is the ignition lock cylinder itself. In this case, who better to call than an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith?  We have more experience working on ignition lock cylinders than most dealerships and independent mechanics (and we charge less than most of them too!) We’ll do a thorough assessment of your car before recommending a more costly replacement.  Additionally, we work 24/7. So, if you experience a problem during the “off” hours, we’ll have your back. We serve all areas of Orlando from our mobile unit and can come to you as soon as we have your location. You don’t have to wait around until morning or attempt to drive to a mechanic’s shop while you’re having car ignition problems.

Contact Sasi Pro Services today to find out if we can help you with your ignition replacement. We’re always here to take your call: (407) 904-5726