Is Your Neighborhood Safe? 3 Ways To Check

Check Crime Rates in Your Neighborhood

It’s important to know that your neighborhood is safe, especially if you’re considering purchasing a home. Even if you’ve lived in your neighborhood for a while, it’s always a good idea to get the lay of the land every few years so you know how to maintain and update your security, if need be. So, how do you check the crime rates in your neighborhood? Fortunately, there are a few online resources for this and we will over them in this post. Here are 3 websites that allow you to check if your neighborhood is safe. 

Neighborhood Scout

Neighborhood Scout’s color coded crime map lets you search for crime rates by address, zip code, or city. This will pull up a map of criminal activity in a color coded density grid so you can easily identify neighborhoods with high and low crime rates. It goes into even more detail further down the page, where it specifies the total number of crimes for the area you searched as well as breaks the crimes down into property or violent crimes.  The rating system is easy to understand, with safety scores between 1-100. 100 is the safest rating. If your location’s rating is 72, it means that location is safer than 72% of all other cities in the country. It also shows you data related to:

  • School rankings
  • Demographics
  • Home prices

neighborhood safe


CrimeReports map feature is neat – it allows you to see the exact number of crimes that have occurred in a specific city by placing small icons on a map. The icons tell you what the crime is. For example, ring icons represent home theft, car icons represent car theft, fist icons represent assault, and so on. Clicking on an icon will open a window which shows you the details of the crime, including the address where it occurred and description of the crime itself.  

Spot Crime

Of all three sites, Spot Crime has the nicest geographical interface and is very intuitive to interpret. It’s similar to Crime Reports, listed above. It provides good, current information on crime at your requested location. However, like Crime Reports, it’s better for finding out more about specific crimes, and not as good for finding out general crime rates.   

In Conclusion…

You will not be able to avoid crime in any neighborhood where you live or move into. However, with a little bit of research you can make smart decisions about choosing the location that’s best for you. And if you’re already in your home, your local locksmith can help make sure your home is as secure as can be. For homeowners in the Orlando area, Sasi Pro Services is around 24/7 to help you with your residential lock and key security: lock installation, maintenance, repair, replacement, and more!