Broken Key Extraction

Key Extraction Service In Orlando, FL

Key snapped in the ignition or door? Need a broken key extraction service? Sasi Pro Services can come out to your location and extract your key for you, regardless of the time of day or night. What may seem like a complicated, perhaps unfixable situation to you, is a relatively straight forward process for you. We will come out with all of the tools we need to not only extract your key for you, but cut you a new key, too!

Why Do Keys Snap?

A very good question, too. Keys, like any type of metal, become weathered over time. Too much exposure to very hot or very cold conditions, coupled with general wear and tear, means that keys can sometimes snap. Watch out for the warning signs! If you find you are having to jiggle your key around inside the lock, or the key is sticking in anyway, it may be on its last legs! Preventatively, why not contact Sasi Pro Services for a key replacement? This simple process could prevent a very stressful situation! What’s more, we offer affordable prices for amazing services!

Will I Need To Replace My Ignition?

If your car key has snapped in the ignition, no doubt the question of whether or not you’ll need to replace your ignition has crossed your mind. This very much depends on how deep the key has snapped inside of the car ignition cylinder. The nearer the top it is, the more likely it is that your ignition will not have to be replaced. If the key snapped while a lot of force was being applied to the key, it may well have gone deeper into the ignition cylinder, causing more damage to remove. Whatever your specific key extraction situation, Sasi Pro Locksmith are pros! We will arrive with specific Key Extraction tools to minimize the risk of any further damage.

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