Commercial Lock Replacement Service in Orlando

Get Your Door Locks Changed – 24/7

If you need a commercial lock replacement anywhere in the Orlando area, give Sasi Pro Services a call! Lock change is just one of the many commercial locksmith services we offer. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – We’re always available to take your call! We can come handle your lock and key needs right after you call us, or you can schedule a lock change for a later time.  What’s more, because we’re entirely mobile, we come to YOU with all the products and equipment we need to change your locks. You don’t have to drive around town searching for what you need. We’ll come equipped with a wide variety of lock hardware for you to browse and select from.

Not only that, but we will offer you advice about the best products for your doors and install them for you. From simple mortise and cylinder locks to complex commercial-grade locks, we’ve got it all! As Sasi Pro Services, our level of care goes beyond your business’ doors. Security is our passion, which is why we dedicate ourselves to protecting your property, your employees and customers.

Considering A Commercial Lock Replacement?

Our customers contact us with a number of reasons for wanting a lock change. Business owners, property managers, managerial staff – they all deal with a large number of security concerns when it comes to the workplace. Having locks changed is a great and simple way to increase the security of your business. And all this with extremely affordable prices! You may want to consider a lock change in the following situations:

Your Locks Are Old & Worn

Commercial doors see much more traffic than the doors on your home or car. Especially if you operate a storefront with a constant flow of customers in and out, your locks are subject to wear and tear. If they’ve become too old or too damaged to function properly, it’s time for a lock change!

You’ve Moved Into a New Space

If your business has moved into a new building or a new office space, it’s a great idea to change the locks on the doors. You can’t ever be entirely sure about who previously had a key, and that can be a major security concern. Get ahead of any potential unwanted intrusions by changing your locks so old keys are ineffective.

Commercial Lock Replacement

Your Business Has Suffered a Break-In

It’s no surprise that after your business has suffered a break in or break in attempt, you’ll need to rethink security. The intruders may have picked your locks, or broken them entirely while trying to gain entry. In all cases, changing the locks is a great way to prevent future break-ins. We can upgrade your locks at any time, giving you a wider selection of higher security commercial grade locks.

You’re Unsure Who Has a Key

Have you given out keys to many of the managerial staff? Have you let go of a disgruntled employee who carried a key to the office? There are a lot of situations that make it hard to keep track of all the keys going around your workplace. If you’ve lost track of all the keys floating among your staff, a lock change is a great way to go. It will make your old keys unusable, allowing you to better control who can open your locks.

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