What Is A Mobile Locksmith?

Ok, so – you keep seeing the phrase ‘mobile locksmith’ on our site and, undoubtedly, you’re thinking to yourself ‘Erm, and that is what exactly…?’ Fear not! Sasi are here to explain.

Mobile. As In Moves Around.

There are a lot of locksmith services around, some of them very experienced and professional. Yet, you often have to travel to them in order to receive a service. Not very helpful if you are experience a car lockout and can’t go anywhere! When a locksmith offers a mobile service, it means they can travel to YOU. Wherever you may be (so long as you’re in the city they serve). A mobile locksmith will have all of the tools, parts and equipment needed with them when they come out to you. The idea behind this is a like a one-stop service. They make it out to you, complete the service, and have you on your way again.  Mobile locksmiths are essentially always on the move and should be readily prepared to carry out any locksmith service the customer may require. This, afterall, is the whole point of a mobile locksmith service. It is designed to make life easier for those who may have become locked out or require some other locksmith service.

What To Expect

If you’re requesting a service from a mobile locksmith, you should expect the following:

A prompt service – both over the phone and in person

Upfront pricing – the price you are quoted upon arrival is the price you should pay

Your locksmith should arrive fully equipped with all the tools needed to complete the service

You should have all of your options explained to you clearly and the relevant prices

Completion of the job before payment

Mobile Locksmith Services

How To Know It’s Legit

Alright so, now you know what a mobile locksmith service is, how do you know it’s legitimate? A very good question, too! Most states require a mobile locksmith to be both licensed and insured. You are well within your right to ask for this documentation. You can also gage a lot from your locksmith when they make it out to you and you ask them questions. It will be clear whether he or she knows what they are talking about or not.

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