Master Key Systems For Your Home


Advantages of Master Keys For Your Family

When most people think about master key systems, they think about commercial properties. After all, commercial spaces have many more locks to maintain, so it makes sense that they require more keys and, subsequently, a master key to help manage it all. However, master key systems are becoming more popular among homeowners. 

Master key systems allow you to have several different locks, all with their own individual lock, that can also be accessed by one key – a master key. For a commercial property manager or business owner, a master key system may work like this:


  • One key that opens every door on the property (master key)

  • One key that opens only doors on the 3rd floor

  • One key that opens the door to a laboratory

  • One key that opens all the maintenance closets

For homeowners who want to upgrade their security, they’ll have different locks all around their home – one for their front door, another kind of lock for their back door, and maybe one for their garage door. Having various kinds of locks for different entry points to your home can make it tougher for potential intruders and burglars to break in. However, it will require a master key (just in case you lose a precious copy of another key.) 

How a Master Key System Can Help Your Family

Master key systems are designed for the complexities of commercial spaces, but they can benefit homeowners too! For example, if you have a house cleaner that comes to your home and you want to make sure some rooms (and the valuables within them) stay off-limits, a master key system can allow you to do just that.

If you rent your home on AirBnB or have a garage apartment that’s occupied by a guest, and you want to make sure renters can only enter specific rooms/spaces, a master key system can limit where they go.

High Security Keys

If you’ve considered getting a master key system for your home, have you also thought about using high security locks? Keys for traditional locks can be taken to a local hardware store and duplicated by anybody. Additionally, traditional locks are easy to bypass via picking and bumping. However, high security locks give you the assurance that your locks can’t be picked. 

Master Key Systems in Orlando

If you’re a homeowner in the Orlando area seeking someone to rekey your locks for a master key system, then look no further than Sasi Pro Services. We offer a wide range of residential locksmith services which includes master rekeying. Give us a call today – we’re always here to help!