What To Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your House

Anyone can become locked out of a house and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Lockouts can happen for various reasons – sometimes it’s a lost key, sometimes damaged lock. Regardless of the cause, you should know how to act if it ever happens to you. In this blog, we’ll provide you with some tips that can save you from stress and frustration.  

Look For Spare Keys

If you’re unable to enter your house because you lost your key, try to remember whether anyone has a spare one. If your neighbor or a family member has a copy of your house keys, your problem can be solved by a single call. If you have no spare keys hidden or given away, make sure you get them made as soon as you find a solution to your lockout.

Try Window or a Backdoor

Take a deep breath and go around your house. Look for windows or doors that you can let yourself through. While you should never leave your window or a backdoor open, they can be very helpful entry points when you’re looked out.

Look For Tools

If there are no spare keys and open windows, you can try breaking into your own house. In case you don’t have any tools on you, go over your neighbors and borrow some. Taking a lock apart will definitely end your lockout situation. Just grab a screwdriver and unfasten all the screws you see. Once you do it, it’ll be fairly easy to enter your house.

Call a Locksmith

Even though there are numerous ways of dealing with a house lockout the fastest and safest option is calling a professional locksmith. So if you can’t find any spare keys and open windows pick up a phone and call a local locksmith. Yes, you can always take your lock apart, but you may damage it in a process. A locksmith will ensure that you get inside your home in no time.

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