What Type of Safe Lock Mechanism is Right for You?

Are you looking to buy safe to keep your valuables secure? Well, knowing what type of safe you are looking for is only half of the work. The other important aspect you should consider is a safe lock mechanism. You don’t know what types there are? No worries, Sasi Pro Services has you covered. We have listed some of the most used safe lock mechanisms. Read further to see what type of safe lock mechanism is right for you. 

Biometric Locks

Let’s start off with the most technologically advanced lock mechanism. This is the type of mechanism most often shown in movies — although, certain movies do overexaggerate the abilities. This type of lock focuses on physical biometrics and needs physical more often than not. The most common type of biometric lock would the fingerprint technology, requiring your unique fingerprint to unlock the safe. 


Recently, with further advancements in technology and face identification, Face-Identifying lock mechanisms have also come to a realization. Although, not the most refined of the locking mechanisms currently. Nonetheless, it should also be noted, among all the lock mechanisms biometric ones, regardless of type, are the most expensive. 

Digital Locks

Following the biometric locks are more known or widely used digital locks. These are, as the name suggests, digital locks with a keypad. Needed a set of numbers in order to unlock the safe. What makes this a high-tech lock compared to a normal combination lock, aside from the digital screen, is the ability to re-program the safe easily. This comes in handy for businesses and managers who have to change codes to restrict or allow access. 


Although the security level does not equal to one of the biometric locks, it definitely does not fall far behind. The upper hand for digital locks is the lower price point, in comparison to biometric ones. 

Key Locks

One of the most basic and primitive safe lock mechanisms is the good old key-bases lock. This is one of the cheapest and straightforward lock mechanisms on the market. As any would guess, the lock works bases on a unique key to open it. 


This is often most optimal for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a safe but would like to have a safe for some document safe-keeping. Consequently, due to its primitive nature, it has some downfalls. There is a problem of losing or forgetting the key, and keys can be easily duplicated. For these reasons, such a lock mechanism is not the first choice for those looking to safeguard expensive valuables. 

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