What You Need to Know about Locksmith Service Prices

The Type of Service Influences the Price

This might seem rather obvious, but indulge us: the simpler the assistance a locksmith needs to provide, the lower the price. For example: almost everyone understands that key duplication and lock change will cost differently (and if not – you know it now). The simpler the service, the lower the price: the more elaborate and time-consuming the issue the locksmith has to deal with, the more it will cost.

Sometimes the kind of property the locksmith has to provide the service for. Depending on the company, a broken key extraction service for a car may cost differently than a broken key extraction service for a front door.

Your Locksmith May Charge Hourly

Sometimes the price of locksmith assistance is determined not by the type of service a locksmith provides, but by the length of time it takes them to perform the service.

Sometimes this may work in your favor. Many locksmith services take less than an hour to carry out, however, if you have a more monumental task for your locksmith (for example, you’ve just bought a new house and have decided to change locks on every single door), you might have to pay a set price for the first hour and reduced rate for all the other ones.

That said, they might not reduce the price, or – depending how elaborate a task – having a set price for the service might’ve been more lucrative.

Emergency Services Cost More

Sometimes you just need service RIGHT THEN AND THERE– even when right there is in the middle of nowhere and then is the middle of the night. Usually this happens when you’re forced to deal with the lockout – be it car lockout, or house lockout. And a lockout, unfortunately, is not the kind of thing you can calmly postpone to a more convenient time to deal with.

In this case, you’ll likely need to enlist the services of an emergency locksmith. An emergency locksmith is the kind of locksmith that works at more inconvenient times, to ensure cases like yours are covered. And since they’ll need to come to you outside of business hours, their services will cost more than it would if you’d call for assistance at 3pm on a weekday.

Upgrading Your Locks May Increase the Price

This is something many have been blindsided by – not only the service itself, but the kind of locks the locksmith has to work with will influence the price as well. Be it change/repair/install.

Essentially, the more modern and complex the lock – they more you’ll have to pay for it, since working with them tends to be an elaborate task that takes more time than a regular old deadbolt.

On a more positive note, while installing a biometric or electromagnetic lock on your property may cost you more, they do up the security quite a bit.

There Might Be Hidden Fees

Since locksmith services tend to be mobile, some companies may charge you a travel fee (to cover the cost of fuel, for example). Sometimes the company will warn you about it beforehand, but sometimes they might not – and you’ll only encounter the fee after you get the bill.

Similarly, the hourly service rate may be added to the service fee (so, you might have to pay for a locksmith changing the lock AND the time it takes them to change the lock).

To avoid something like this happening, research the company you’re thinking of contacting beforehand. And, of course, do the following:

Asking for an Estimate is a Must

Getting an estimate for the services you need from the locksmith company you contact is the most foolproof way to avoid surprising fees.

Thankfully, most companies provide the estimate for free when you call them. Just make sure to ask after travel coverage, hourly rates, and other types of possible hidden fees in the bill.


Many things can influence what you’ll pay for the locksmith’s services: the type of service they provide (the more complicated, the more it will cost), the time it will take for the locksmith to deal with the issue, if the service is emergency (ie. Performed after business hours), even what kind of locks the locksmith will need to work with.

Additionally, depending on the company, you might encounter hidden fees like mileage coverage in your bill (though sometimes the company will warn you beforehand if you’ll need to cover fuel price for the locksmith).

Fortunately, nowadays many companies provide free quotes when you contact them. So make the most of it when you call for a locksmith’s assistance and ask about every little thing that might interest you. No need to be shy.